Education & Opportunity

Judy has been a leader in working to meet our constitutional duty to fund our schools so our children have access to opportunity.  She has worked with members of both parties to make dramatic new investments to decrease class size in our K-3 classrooms, has funded new early learning programs, and has supported proposals to provide more competitive pay to attract new high quality teachers.

She passed new tuition cuts for the first time in years at our universities, colleges and technical schools, invested in science and math programs (STEM), and promoted apprenticeship programs to get workers the skills they need to be successful.  A foster mom, Judy worked to provide greater support to our foster children throughout the state and worked to target resources to help ensure they get the support they need in our public schools.

Transportation & Reducing Gridlock

As House Transportation Chair, Judy has one of the lead architects of our new transportation package that passed this past year with the support of both Republicans and Democrats.  The package invests in roads, transit, multi-modal options and will help reduce traffic gridlock along our major highways and increase safety by replacing aging infrastructure and bridges.

The package will help improve freight mobility throughout our region and ensure the ports of Seattle and Tacoma remain competitive globally – protecting many jobs throughout our region.  The package will create thousands of construction jobs throughout our region and ensure that our trade dependent economy continues to thrive.

Healthcare & Mental Health

Before serving in the Legislature, Judy worked for many years as a nurse and knows the importance of ensuring access and reducing costs when it comes to our access to healthcare.  She helped get thousands of people across Washington access to health care and continued her efforts to ensure every child in the state has health insurance.

Judy knows that mental illness is the same as any other medical affliction and has worked to expand mental health services in our state.  Struggling families should never worry about if they can get care for a loved one who is battling mental illness and Judy is working to provide beds for treatment and options for families.